Taiyo Seiki is specialized in producing automatic taping machines.
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Machine line up Stand type RA series

 RA-200 for adhesive or semi-adhesive tapes

 Commercial adhesive tapes can be  used.

Using adhesive tapes, products can be banded for secure gripping.
Commercial tapes can be selected.
No sticky surfaces appear when using semi-adhesive tapes (masking tapes).
The selector specially designed for this model permits single winding, double winding, or triple winding depending on the product to be banded.
No waiting time. Operations can be started as soon as the power switch is turned on.
Bars or strips can be banded due to the product insert design.

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Model Bandingsize Bandingspeed Tapewidth
RA-200 Max. (width 200mm, height 160mm) 25 cycles/minute 12mm・50mm,
outer diameter.250mm

Width 920mm
Height 1425mm,tableheight912mm
Depth 603mm
Weight 120kg
Power supply 230V,50/60Hz,Three-Phase,300W

Type TAPE Width
Adhesion・Slight adhesion 12mm〜50mm(OD 250mm)